Benefits terrace of stone

There are different terraces of stone, wood or even plastic. What advantages does a stone terrace have? A stone terrace is not only very durable, but also easier to manufacture.

For a stone terrace but you need a reasonable base with a split bed. See also our contribution: substructure a terrace

There is a much larger selection of stone terraces compared to plastic or wooden terraces. There are artificial stones or natural stones in different shapes and colors, these can be customized individually. Here you can always adapt to the environmental conditions. Such as the color of the house or wall, granite, stones, concrete, paving, patio tiles, or natural stone. You can create a feel-good atmosphere in a modern, warm, rustic or even Mediterranean ambience.

Since terraced stones are different, it is important to know where the terrace is laid and which particular coating the stones have. Since there are different coatings, the stones always act differently (In sunshine, road salt, and deposits such as moss, verdigris, etc. Furthermore, one should ideally grout his stone terrace with the Mainbrick pavement joint mortar, which prevents intensive and costly cleaning. A stone terrace is of course more expensive to buy than a wooden terrace or plastic terrace.

There are paving stones at the price of about 25 euros per square meter. As with all other materials, there are no upper limits. Exclusive paving stones or patio tiles can also cost between 55 and 120 euros. On the whole, you can plan a good terrace between 30 and 60 per square meter. Then you have a nice looking stone terrace.