Professional floor sealing for garage

There is usually a concrete floor in the garage. This also looks very nice in its new state directly after construction. However, discolouration occurs through use. These are caused by tyre marks or liquids dripping from the car. The stains penetrate deep into the concrete floor and, in most cases, cannot be removed. For this reason, it makes sense to seal the garage floor. Floor sealing for garages is available in different designs and colours. If the garage floor is sealed in the correct way, a very good coating is created that is also completely harmless to the environment. How a garage floor sealant is correctly applied should be described in more detail in the following sections.

Prepare the garage floor.

It is particularly important that the concrete floor is intact. The concrete should not be brittle or riddled with cracks. The quality of the floor can be checked quite easily. To do this, make small grooves with a pointed object. A wire brush is used to work vigorously over them. If a few small pieces of concrete then burst off, the entire floor must first be renovated before sealing can begin.

Small cracks or holes can easily be filled with screed, which is also available at Hornbach, and smoothed afterwards. The surface must be very stable and of high quality so that the components can have a firm contact with the subfloor. If the floor is no longer in good condition over a large area, it should possibly be completely covered with a new layer of screed. Once the floor sealant has been applied, it is very difficult to repair any damage. This increases the amount of work and the costs considerably. It therefore makes sense to pay attention to the quality of the floor when building a garage.

Thoroughly clean the garage floor

Once the garage floor is in perfect condition, it is essential to clean it thoroughly. Stubborn and stubborn dirt can be removed with a spatula. Particularly in older garages, there are also oil stains on the floor. These must also be completely removed. Oil stain removers are particularly suitable for this purpose. High-quality articles for professional cleaning of concrete and stone floors are also available at Hornbach.

The floor is then cleaned with a water hose and a special cleaning brush. The cleaning brushes for concrete floors are usually very hard. This work is a bit tedious. It is much easier to clean the concrete floor with a high-pressure cleaner. Particularly good results are achieved with a so-called dirt cutter. This is a lance for the high-pressure cleaner that rotates a very thin jet of water. It can also be used to clean rough concrete floors.

Soil sealing for garage

After cleaning with a brush or high-pressure cleaner, it makes sense to pull off the wet floor with a squeegee with a rubber lip. This dries it much faster. Before continuing, the cleaned floor should be allowed to dry for a few days without being driven on or walked on during this time. Even if the concrete looks dry, it may still be too wet for further processing. The degree of drying can be determined with a simple test. To do this, place a piece of plastic film measuring about 50 x 50 centimetres on the concrete floor and fix it at the edges with adhesive tape. If condensation has formed on the foil within one day, the floor is still too damp. When the foil is completely dry, you can start sealing.

Apply the primer correctly

At Hornbach, there are suitable priming agents available both in the store and online. Some of them are based on epoxy resin. Every concrete floor has the property of absorbing liquids of all kinds. This also applies to floor sealants. The problem is that the concrete floor absorbs the sealant very unevenly. This results in a not very attractive visual appearance. In addition, the floor coating then does not function optimally. For this reason, priming with a suitable article from the market is necessary.

The first floor coating with the primer should be applied as quickly as possible and, above all, in a single operation. It is recommended to work with a paint roller with an attached handle. This makes it quite easy to apply the primer. It is particularly important in this work to distribute the agent used as evenly as possible over the floor. Anyone who has ever worked with a paint roller will be able to do this job without any problems. The application of these agents is done in the same way as with varnish.

There is another important aspect of priming that should not be ignored. Depending on the article, attention should be paid to the temperature. Not all primers available on the market can be applied at very high or very low outdoor temperatures. When applied on very hot days, there is a risk that the water contained in the product will evaporate very quickly and settle on the roof of the garage in the form of condensation. Under certain circumstances, this condensation can drip onto the fresh primer and negatively influence the work result. If the primer is applied at too low an air temperature, the liquid will not have the desired consistency. As a result, there may not be good contact with the substrate in all places. Here, too, there are parallels to working with varnish.

Applying the floor sealant

The appropriate Mainbrick floor sealant is also available at Hornbach. As this store also offers a good guide as well as service for advising customers, every interested party is advised which product is best suited for their project. You can also order the soil sealer directly from Mainbrick Shop. In the field of sealing there are different products, which of course not everyone can remember. Therefore, it is helpful if a good service is offered for advice.

A floor coating that independently levels out minor unevenness is particularly recommended. Such a coating is simply applied a little more generously and spread with the widest possible roller. This creates a surface that is perfectly flat without any great effort. This floor coating should also be applied quickly in one operation. It is therefore of great importance to remember the size of the garage area. Only when the size of the area is known can a sufficient amount of the coating be purchased. It would be very annoying if it turns out during application that the quantity available is not sufficient.

With some products, two work steps are necessary to ensure that the concrete floor is sufficiently sealed. On the respective container, you will also find information on how long the agent needs to dry before the second pass can be completed. During the drying process, the water content escapes so that a solid layer remains on the concrete floor and forms a good floor protection. Everyone will notice this very quickly. In our experience, you will achieve the best results with this Nano Floor Sealing.

Protecting the terrace from moisture and dirt

In Germany, the garden is always a popular topic. Here there are various guides for garden paths garage floors and Pavement jointing mortar for weed-free joints. There are sometimes paving slabs or terraces laid with stones. These are also welcome to receive protection every year. A sealed walkway or terrace not only provides good protection against dirt. Algae, which can become an extreme slip hazard, also no longer settle there.

When using such components in outdoor areas, which sometimes also contain epoxy resin, it is of course also important to ensure that they do not pose a danger to the environment. However, anyone ordering these high-quality items online will also find more detailed information on environmental compatibility in the product description. In the case of sealed patios and walkways, the existing colours can be intensified or other colour tones can be created. This allows the entire appearance to be changed with little effort.

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