Water-permeable grouting with optimum paving joint mortar

No matter what time of year it is – the outside area of a house is always a showpiece, which is why you want to build and design it as attractively as possible, and not just for yourself. Especially when the areas around the house, such as the driveway or garden, are paved with all kinds of stone slabs, optimum jointing plays an important role during construction. On the one hand, this is about an attractive appearance and a uniform character. On the other hand, however, it is also important that everything has been optimally processed so that plants of all kinds do not get a chance in between and at the same time attention is paid to what happens to any water that settles there more often, especially in the less pleasant seasons. The following section provides attractive tips on choosing the ideal grout as well as the best approach and application method for construction work in order to achieve great and, above all, long-term results with as little work and as little mortar as possible and to ensure that paving joint mortar is permeable to water.

The optimum effect of a grout

At first glance, the grout must look good and thus create an attractive, inconspicuous appearance between the stones – regardless of the type – where the stones are still the main feature. Then, of course, the most important part is to seal the gaps perfectly. The primary aim of this is to prevent weeds from the soil beneath the stones from making their way to the surface, which on the one hand doesn’t look nice and makes for repetitive work and on the other hand can gradually destroy the

Water-permeable paving joint mortar

Water-permeable paving joint mortar

material used and possibly also the stone. In connection with the destruction, it is also important to do everything possible to avoid frost damage or similar dangers to the stones, where the choice of a good mortar for pointing plays a very important role.

Choosing the best grout

The right decision for or against a suitable grout is always important for a good result. The choice is becoming more and more extensive and, in addition to the stocks in DIY stores, you can also find suitable products on the World Wide Web. For larger quantities in particular, this offers the well-known advantages of being able to order online at any time and from anywhere, as well as the shipping advantage of no longer having to carry the goods to their destination yourself. In addition, you can find a much larger range of products online than in local stores and can therefore search for and find products that would otherwise not be immediately obvious. For example, you can conveniently search for the right tools on Amazon and, in addition to products from Sakret, for example, you will always find the attractive paving joint mortar from Mainbrick.

The advantages of Mainbrick joint grout

This product fulfills everything you need to seal your paved surfaces optimally and for the long term and thus achieve everything that such work is intended to achieve. This is ensured by the fact that the mortar is not only available in grey, but in five different shades to match the color of the stones perfectly. It is also extremely environmentally friendly. This mortar completely seals the gaps. As a result, weeds no longer have the chance to grow through and destroy the image or, ultimately, the joints. Another impressive feature of this innovative product is that it is permeable to both water and air. The water permeability ensures that no pools of water remain in the event of rainfall, as the water can gradually run off through the joints. The almost unique water tolerance is also an attractive feature that ensures that the mortar can be used in all weathers and that you don’t have to wait for the next completely dry day. The mortar is also designed to withstand frost, heat and even road salt.

The perfect finish for optimum sealing

With the right products, grouting your outdoor area is child’s play and Mainbrick’s grout is undoubtedly one of them. Basically, all you need is a bucket, a broom and water to achieve a great effect with a job that is as easy as any other and that will give you many months of optimum results and pleasure to look at with minimal consumption. Once the gaps have been cleaned and the unwanted contents removed and the surfaces have been cleaned with the broom, work can start immediately and – as already mentioned – in any weather. The high water tolerance of the grout makes it possible to slurry the mortar with plenty of water in the old way, easily and conveniently. This not only makes the work attractive, but also optimally prevents inadequate results, such as insufficient filling of gaps or the formation of cavities, which can always lead to consequential damage, with frost always being one of the greatest risks.

Optimum areas of application for the water-permeable paving joint mortar

Thanks to its attractive properties, the mortar is suitable for all surfaces. If you take a look at your driveway, garden or other outdoor areas, you will quickly notice the many different materials used for paving. With this product from Mainbrick, each of these surfaces can be optimally treated, whereby a minimum joint width of 8 mm is recommended so that the mortar can penetrate properly and develop its effect. This mortar is therefore ideal for use on both natural and artificial stone. The product also guarantees a perfect effect when grouting cobblestones or other paving stones such as clinker paving. This also applies to the spaces between floor tiles and the use for porphyry slabs is a success even if there is a concrete slab underneath. The only important thing is a certain gradient of approx. 3 percent to ensure that the water can run off. To provide the stone with optimum protection, it is also advisable to use floor sealing for garages. In our experience, you will achieve the best results with this Nano Floor Sealing.

If you are looking for an optimal mortar for the spaces between the stones and flagstones in your outdoor area, you should therefore take advantage of Mainbrick’s range, in addition to products from other suppliers such as Sakret, to obtain an exceptionally good mortar with attractive properties that not only optimizes processing, but also ensures long-term enjoyment of the joints. Here there are various guides for garden paths garage floors and Pavement jointing mortar for weed-free joints. Water-permeable, available in different colors, environmentally friendly and can be used in any weather are just a few of the advantages described, but they already make it clear that this product is an optimal choice for any type of paving, stone and tiles.

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