Today I would like to dedicate to the topic of terrace substructure or driveway substructure. Because the substructure of any surfaces is the most important. Imagine you want to build a house and the substructure is not good or only slightly suitable. Everyone would refrain from this construction project. Unfortunately, this is not always taken into account in terraces and driveways and sidewalks because many people say that there are only a few stones on it, but unfortunately, these few stones are enough to cause a lot of damage. As with any other construction important factors play a role here. For example, weather conditions (sun, snow, ice, rain, etc.) Additional burdens play an important role such as only pure pedestrian load or car load. Whereby with the car load also something must be differentiated here. Since the cars drive here in different classes. An SUV weighs significantly more than a normal car today. Here is a picture of how a good substructure should be built.



As can be seen, the substructure for garage entrances is different (different vehicle class) than a conventional patio or garden path. In general, in the lower layer should be a gravel layer. With a grain size of 0-45mm. This is followed by a layer of chippings with a particle size of 2mm-8mm. This should be pressed firmly. To make it better pictorial I have again put together a picture.


The Structure:


  • Concrete paving stones are already used today mainly with spacer cams These are mainly used to protect products, such. As in mechanical gripping operations in the factory and possibly on the site.
  • They do not serve as a substitute for the joint width specified in the regulations (see illustration).
  • Pressing or grinding is inadmissible. The concrete to concrete contact must be avoided to ensure the necessary elasticity of the ceiling and its flexible load-bearing behavior and to avoid edge chipping on the stones.


When laying the paving stones, always make sure to respect the appropriate joint width. Because only by the corresponding joint width, the surface can also be grouted properly.