Paving Joint Mortar

Floor sealing for garage

Von |2021-01-27T08:50:48+00:00Januar 27th, 2021|Floor Sealing, Impregnation, Paving Joint Mortar|

Professional floor sealing for garage There is usually a concrete floor in the garage. This also looks very nice in its new state directly after construction. However, discolouration occurs through use. These are caused by tyre marks or liquids dripping from the car. The stains penetrate deep into the concrete floor and, in most cases,

Pavement jointing mortar for weed-free joints

Von |2020-06-18T13:07:53+00:00Juni 18th, 2020|Paving Joint Mortar|

Pavement jointing mortar for weed-free joints If there is one thing we are all always short of, it is time. The day is filled with professional and family duties and tasks and there is little time left for household and green space. Who wants to spend these few free hours picking weeds and cleaning the

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