The first pavement joint filler that is permanently permeable to water and permeable to air.

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Easy and fast process and a high quality.

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Mainbrick Online shop is the specialist for paving mortar

Paving Joint Filler

  • Permanently permeable to water, permeable to air

  • Heat, frost and road salt resistant

  • No residue on paving stones

  • No weed outgrowth


Nano Floor Sealing

  • Prevents wear and bleaching of stones

  • Prevents contamination of oil and grease stains

  • Keine Rückstände auf der Fläche



  • Closes pores and protects against water

  • Minimize wear damage

  • No residue on the surface


Grouted help

  • Protects against residue on the tiles

  • Protects against residues on the stone

  • Closes pores and protects against water



  • Energy-saving spray system with variable spray head

  • Reinforced pumping power for pressure regulation

  • High heat resistance and heat / cold resistance

concrete form

  • Easy and fast filling of tread patterns

  • Variable arrangement of tread patterns

  • Easy cleaning after use

Mainbrick: Your contact for professional floor grouting and sealing

We convince with high quality and unique products, fair conditions and a fast delivery directly to your home. If you would like to learn more about paving joint filler, impregnation and nano-floor sealing, have a look at our online market or contact our experts for a personal consultation.

What is important to us

Paving joints Protect and grout

In our shop you will find a big portfolio of products and articles that make your floors weather-resistant and weather-resistant outdoors. High-quality pavement joint filler with absolutely unique water-tolerant properties worldwide, nano-bottom sealing for transparent spraying and the right sprayer can be easily and cheaply ordered online.

Ideal for use in the garden

If you build a terrace or Outside plates and paths in the garden, you should plan ahead even before the construction project and think about an impregnation or sealing. Over time, joints will leak and clear the way for mosses, lichens and weeds. Our products protect your natural stone and ensure that your terrace looks attractive even after many years of construction and does not allow any water to penetrate.

What says our customers?

„I have had very good experiences with the Mainbrick Paving Filler! The nice thing is that the procurement over the Internet was very pleasant and fast! The quality is absolutely convinced! Very easy to work with the Paving Joint Filler“

C. Heinemann• Landscape architect

„Our garden terrace has become really nice with the paving Joint Filler. It is now a complete picture, the terrace is now much larger and finally grow no more grasses and moss. The workmanship was very easy to process well as described. „

Karl Teicher • Dad

„The processing of the Paving Joint Filler went very well. He is also well dried and looks really nice. I plastered my terrace with the Paving Joint Filler. „

Clara V. • home owner

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