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Paving Joint Filler

Paving Joint Filler – simple, fast, effective

This Paving Joint Filler from Mainbrick is the only water-tolerant grout on the market. Joints in paths and terraces made of natural stone in the garden are permanently closed permeable to water and permeable to air. Not only in wet and continuous rain, but also in the summer heat, the grout offers the best conditions for a long-lasting, damage-free floor. The air and water impermeability of this article is based on its consistency, which also makes construction and grouting process easy and professional.

Nano Floor Sealing

Technology inspired by nature

Nanotechnology is based on the lotus effect and lets water roll off surfaces. This nano-based soil seal is suitable for use with natural stone, tiles and joints. In outdoor areas and in wet rooms, floors are subject to heavy wear and require special protection. This product is applied in a transparent layer and develops its protective effect without affecting the appearance of the floor. Effectively prevent material damage and weathering through the soil seal


Impregnation for the protection of pipes, concrete, paving stones

Algae, moss and lichen formation is difficult to avoid in external joints. The Mainbrick impregnation, which seals porous areas and is optimally suited for floors and walls made of natural stone, helps here. Even with concrete stairs and surfaces you can achieve advantages through the impregnation and provide for the material preservation without signs of weathering. The impregnation is easy to apply and applied as a transparent layer on the sensitive joints. Prevent cracks and porosity by impregnating after grouting.

Grouting Help

The Grounting Help protect stones and tiles against soiling

The aid helps protect stones and tiles against soiling  Natural stone is a durable and sustainable floor covering that is one of the most popular materials on the market due to its attractive appearance and high load capacity. While the constant influences of the weather in the natural stone itself provide the popular patina, it has an adverse effect on the joints. Weeds and moss or lichen dominate the garden and make your natural stone floors age visually. The Mainbrick Grooming aid is a practical and high-quality article, with which you can prevent weed growth after building and grouting.

Pressure Sprayer

Pressure Sprayer

Buy the high quality sprayer online and look forward to a fast delivery. The sprayer is suitable for the application of all liquids for the impregnation and sealing of joints and porous surfaces of terraces and staircases as well as open spaces made of natural stone. Made with high quality, robust materials and the effective spray nozzle, as well as two liters of filling volume, the sprayer provides optimum support for joints, joints, tiled floors and walls.


New and creative possibilities with the Eco grid

This eco grid gives you new and creative possibilities for ground fixing without bottom sealing. The high-quality safety composite system precludes you from grouting and then having to worry about the tightness of the joint. Rather, you can lay natural stones individually and decide on a proven separating layer system for the stable fixing of your floors. Order this grid of dimensionally stable and weather-resistant plastic online and benefit from a fast delivery through our shop. The Eco Grid is the best-selling floor mounting product on the market.

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